Make DrinkPure Part of your Life,
Wherever you go and enjoy filtered water.

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DrinkPure is a revolutionary water filter designed to produce filtered water. It effectively removes bacteria, protozoa and cysts from watercourses in nature. Designed by Swiss engineers, this filter uses the latest technology to achieve high water flow rates. Due to its unrivalled performance, this small and lightweight filter can be screwed on basically every PET bottle. Further, the new self-disinfecting prefilter prevents common filter fouling during prolonged storage periods. Make DrinkPure a part of your life and enjoy every sip of water wherever you go.

Features that make DrinkPure unique

  • simple use up to 1000 L – only screw onto a PET bottle
  • light weight – only 150g
  • 99.9999% is the bacteria retention of this filter
  • 99% is the virus retention of this filter
  • made for outdoor and travel use – made for you
  • self-disinfecting layer prevents common filter fouling
  • removes unpleasent odors like chlorine
  • green manufacturing generating up to 4 time less water waste


We will soon relaunch our DrinkPure webpage. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!